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Gary Candy

Gary Candy

CFO Partner - San Antonio

Gary was originally a CFO Partner in San Antonio from 2012 to 2014 before becoming CFO at Continental Floral Greens, one of Aventine Hill's clients. We welcomed Gary back to Aventine Hill in late 2015 after a successful strategic transaction resulted in the sale of Continental Floral Greens.

Gary has 30+ years in manufacturing, and his industry background includes machinery, automotive, consumer electronics, and food. His management experience includes six manufacturing plant startups in the United States, and two in Mexico. He built productive and efficient teams in all these startups.

Gary's experience also includes ERP implementations, cost accounting system development, reorganizations, cost reductions, business turnaround management, and bankruptcy management. His international business experience includes Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Gary earned his BA in Finance from California State University at Fullerton. He is past Chairman of the San Antonio Manufacturers Association, past Chairman of the CPS Energy Citizens Advisory Committee, and past Vice Chairman – Finance of the San Antonio Lighthouse.

Gary can be reached at gary.candy@aventinehillinc.com210-745-4200 (office), or 210-860-4442 (mobile).

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