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CFO Services

CFO advisory services from experienced professionals who care about your business

Is your accounting and finance function helping you grow your business? Do you have a financial leader who can analyze your critical business decisions and assure that you have the capital you need?  Are you in an industry that is highly dynamic and requires continuous innovation to stay ahead? Are you in a stable industry and seeking to diversify into new areas? Is your current accounting and finance function well enough equipped to meet the challenge?

Turning ideas and strategy into reality by optimizing your access and use of capital while at the same time overseeing the efficient operation of your accounting and finance functions are critical functions of the CFO. Whether you are a start-up company aggressively seeking new opportunities or a mature company navigating today’s ever-changing market, strong CFO leadership can be a tremendous benefit to your company.

Our CFO advisory services

Aventine Hill Partners is your source of expertise when it comes to CFO advisory services. We have on staff a group of highly experienced professionals who have served a variety of companies both large and small in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer.

What would you do if your current CFO left on short notice or is on leave? It is important to fill a void at that level quickly to prevent a lapse in collaboration between the strategic and financial aspects of your business. Our CFOs can step in as your Interim CFO, assuring momentum is not lost and all your financial and regulatory commitments are met.

  • If you are a smaller company, an Aventine Hill Partners CFO can support your company on a part-time basis, providing the critical, strategic functions of a CFO in a way that meets your budget.
  • If you are a larger company, our CFOs can serve as a right hand person to your current CFO to lead a complex project such as M&A due diligence.
  • If a company is not fully meeting investor expectations, our CFOs can assess your current business strategy and collaborate with you on a plan to accelerate growth and profitability or turnaround the business.
  • If a company is in bankruptcy, our CFOs can step in as Interim CFO or as the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), leading the restructuring efforts, managing relations with creditors, and driving the highest value from any asset dispositions.

Regardless of the size of your company, the CFO Advisors at Aventine Hill Partners provide exemplary executive advisory services and are the cost effective solution for your needs surrounding the Chief Financial Officer position.


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