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CIO Services

CIO advisory services that help companies make the right IT investments

Technology is more accessible and affordable than ever before. Start-up companies are now able to implement web-based ERPs and CRMs through monthly subscriptions providing the same functionality and anywhere/anytime access for their staff that the largest companies are sometimes challenged to implement. The diversity of choices makes answering the question “What should I do?” much more challenging. Making the right choices drives your company’s growth and profitability. Conversely, the wrong choices can be costly with inefficiencies only getting worse as the scale of your business becomes larger.

Our executive advisory services

Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO advisory services can help. Our CIOs and consultants have real world experience in both large and small companies. They are available to review how your business strategy is changing and create or update your IT strategy. They can assess your current ERP system and define an optimization plan or select a replacement.

  • If you are a smaller company, a high-caliber CIO does not have to be an unaffordable luxury.  We can provide you a seasoned executive on a consulting or part-time basis. Having an experienced CIO on-demand will help you make better business decisions and help your IT staff or outsource provider be more productive and on-target with their support.
  • For a larger company, the pace of change may require an extra pair of hands on the wheel or an outside perspective. Our CIO Advisors have the experience and c-level consulting expertise to help with process and technology roadmaps, facilitating strategic workshops, assessing and improving IT processes and organization structures, or managing large-scale programs of work.

Aventine Hill Partners has proven methods to quickly assess the direction of your business and how IT can better support it. Our CIOs can share with your company the knowledge from their successes and hard lessons from the problems they have overcome. Regardless of your situation, our team has the experience and expertise to improve your business through the effective application of technology.


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