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Financial Analysis, Planning & Modeling

Financial Analysis, planning, and modeling that can help you accurately forecast and improve future results

The ability of your company to analyze the meaning of financial reports and accurately predict future results has a significant impact on management decisions. It can sometimes mean the difference between securing and not securing investors or loans. Analyzing complex financial data, creating and maintaining a forecasting system, and building accurate financial models are all difficult tasks for any company.  With Aventine Hill Partners assisting your team, it does not have to be.

Our services

Our consultants and C-level Advisors have practical experience in building financial analysis capabilities in large and small companies. Having worked in a variety of industries, our financial analysis consultants can quickly make sense out of your most complex modeling project. Our professionals can help you with pinpoint analyses such as decisions on new product lines, projects, or facilities.

Do you need a more accurate forecasting system? We can analyze your current processes and ERP system to design your new forecasting process and data analysis requirements.  Then, help you choose and implement technology that fits your requirements and your budget.

Are you short on experienced staff? Using our team of planning, analysis, and modeling professionals, Aventine Hill Partners can give you a helping hand on an interim basis.  Or, our Executive Search services can help find talented staff on a permanent basis.

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