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Business Strategy / Growth

From the implementation of changes to the minute details, our business strategy / growth advisory services are here to help

Do you find yourself in a position where you are losing out to your competition? Is it difficult for you to be competitive from a price standpoint while maintaining an acceptable margin? These could be early indicators that your company needs to rethink business strategies and operating models. More obvious warning signs are that investors are not happy with the pace of value creation or cash is constrained.

Depending on the complexity of your company and the industry in which it operates, it may be difficult to accurately pinpoint the source of your problems. Once you do, the changes necessary to get your company back on track may involve new product lines, an acquisition or divestiture, organization redesign, business process re-engineering, and new technology. Making major changes requires creative leadership, a high degree of objectivity, and a sense of urgency. 

Our services

Aventine Hill Partners is here to help in a variety of ways through our business strategy services. Our executive advisors and consultants have the experience and expertise to identify the underlying causes of your business results based on a detailed, objective review of your strategy, operating model, financial results, and business metrics. For an under-performing company, this analysis will prioritize challenges whether they are in sales, operations, or finance. Even if your company seems to be performing well, we can build a financial model of your business that will help you see early warning signs that challenges may be ahead.

Once causes or areas for concern are identified, we can help you determine what improvements need to be made and in what order. Changes will be structured to demonstrate quantifiable results on the revenue or inventory cycle for your business. Based on the actual results from the first set of changes, additional change will be implemented to further capitalize or make additional course corrections.

If your business is already struggling with significant unprofitability, we can help you take immediate measures to slow down the effects, assist you in accessing and evaluating financing options, and implement cost-effective strategic or procedural changes to get you headed back in the right direction.

Our services are designed to both help you now and to provide you with the tools to manage your growth strategy on your own as you gain confidence.

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