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Process & Technology Roadmap

Services to locate the gaps in your current business systems and define a clear roadmap to value

Are you confident that you know where business process improvements and technology investments can provide the most value for your company? Should you make investments now or later, when technology is more advanced? Do you currently have too many or too few systems? 

Understanding where you are and where you want to be from a process and technology standpoint can be a challenge for even the largest company. To compound this difficulty, you have to find an objective, unbiased opinion among companies whose business is to sell products and/or system implementation services.

Our services

Aventine Hill Partners can help you be confident in making process improvement and technology investments through our technology consulting services. Because we are not a software vendor, reseller, or system integrator, our CIO Advisors and consultants can objectively review your current situation and analyze options among many vendors.

We will review your current and future business needs and compare them to your current processes and systems to identify where there are gaps. We help you think of your processes and systems as a portfolio with planned investments and divestments to realize cost savings within your business. The result is a multi-year roadmap that can be adapted to changing business circumstances.

  • Your roadmap will become the guide to which processes should be the highest priority for improvement; what types of technology to invest in; and when those investments need to be made. It is not always as soon as you think.
  • Your roadmap will be scenario-based so that if your business situation changes, you will have options to accelerate or decelerate spending while maintaining consistent focus on your goals.

Once your process and technology roadmap is ready for execution, our consultants can help you turn that vision into reality. Through our Business Process Improvement services, we can analyze the requirements for a specific process or function. Then, perform a software evaluation to select the best solution for your business. Our project management and implementation support consultants can then provide independent oversight for the implementation.

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