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IT Strategy / Business Alignment

Services to help your business respond to competition and seize new opportunities

You change your business strategy to seize new opportunities and respond to competition and a changing economic environment. Does your IT capability accelerate or delay achieving your goals?

In today’s business climate, systems and technology are a critical part of every company. For those systems to be effective, they must be aligned with your business strategies. When was the last time you took an objective, unbiased look at your IT strategy and how it aligns with your current business objectives?

Our services

At Aventine Hill Partners, our CIO Advisors and consultants know how to analyze your business strategy and organizational culture. We have developed unique tools for measuring the level of alignment between business leaders and the IT organization. These provide insight into how IT can better interpret and pursue the goals that business leaders have.

Our CIO Advisors next assess your business model and portfolio of systems and technology to understand gaps and opportunities. These drive definition of strategic IT roadmaps that allow business leaders to understand technology choices, benefits, costs, and risks in non-technical terms. Of particular importance is the ability of your company to adopt and realize value from significant change. The ultimate goal is for you to confidently make informed decisions about technology as you do with other parts of your business.

Once decisions are made, our consultants have the practical experience and expertise to follow through with implementing strategies at the pace your organization requires. Whether your goal is to invest more or spend less on technology, Aventine Hill Partners’ IT strategy consulting services are delivered by CIO Advisors who have succeeded in highly diverse business situations and have the insight to provide guidance unique to your challenges.

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