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M&A Transaction Due Diligence

Our M&A advisory services will help you make fully informed decisions when negotiating deals

Mergers and acquisitions are complex decisions that involve a significant amount of preparation and analysis. For due diligence to be truly effective, things such as the corporate culture, organizational design, and technology structure of all entities involved must be considered. There is always the potential for hidden costs to manifest later that can significantly affect the ultimate value of the transaction.

If your company is considering a merger or acquisition, how do you plan on handling the necessary due diligence? Doing the work internally can put a tremendous strain on you and your staff. And, it can sometimes be difficult to be remain objective as the momentum of a deal proceeds.

Our services

Aventine Hill Partners’ mergers and acquisitions advisory services consists of executive advisors and consultants who help you plan and execute your due diligence tasks so that your company can be confident it is making an informed decision. The majority of our financial analysis consultants have worked in industry so gained real world experience in what makes for both successful and less than successful outcomes. We build financial models unique to your situation and identify synergies that will guide the valuation of proposed transactions.

We understand that successful transactions are about more than just the financial aspects.

  • We help you analyze how the corporate cultures and organizational aspects of companies may and may not integrate well.
  • We can assess the business processes and systems to identify additional synergies and alert you to potential hidden costs that may impact the ultimate price of a transaction.
In addition to our C-level Advisors and consultants, we have experienced middle management professionals who can step in on an interim basis and help take the stress off your existing staff who are leading aspects of the due diligence.

When faced with a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, Aventine Hill Partners can help you be confident you are making a decision that will be beneficial to your company. After the decision is made, we can provide M&A Transaction Support to plan and execute all the activities necessary to realize the value of the deal.

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