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M&A Transaction Support

Our M&A services will help you realize the value of the deal you worked hard to accomplish

Mergers and acquisitions executed well help companies grow revenue, market share, new business lines, talent, and new ideas. While beneficial to a company in many ways, these can be extremely complex undertakings with significant issues looming every step of the way.

Once the due diligence and closing are complete, how do you handle the integration of the acquired or merged entity into your operations? What systems are going to be used after the transaction and how are the conversions going to take place? How do you integrate business processes? How will employees from both companies be transitioned into a common organization? The list of considerations surrounding a merger or acquisition is extensive especially the larger the transaction is.

Our services

Aventine Hill Partners has the experience and understanding to help you implement complex strategic transactions through our mergers and acquisitions advisory services. Our C-level Advisors and consultants can help you with the initial planning and strategy to create an integration roadmap. Then, lead or assist in executing the roadmap, helping you make practical decisions that achieve the value intended from the transaction.

  • Our accounting and finance consultants will help you update your financial processes to assure your reporting quickly meets the needs of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Our business and technology consultants can help you plan and implement the broader integration of your organization design, operational processes, and systems.
  • Our risk and compliance consultants can help you assess and standardize internal controls for the acquired business and prepare for a likely more complex audit period.
Because the integration plan will require the active leadership and efforts of your existing team, we can provide hands-on professionals to handle the day-to-day work during the transaction through our Project and Interim Solutions services. And, if you will be relocating jobs and some employees choose not to move, our Executive Search services can help you fill vacant roles with talented people from your job market.
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