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Internal Audit Advisory & Support

We can help your internal audit team to generate value across your business

What is the overall opinion in your organization regarding your internal audit function? Do your managers and employees find it easy and efficient to work with your internal audit team? Are you a small company without an internal audit function and do not see the value of adding one to your organization?

A well-integrated, efficiently operating internal audit function can be a tremendous asset to your organization. Rather than view internal audit as a cost, we view it as an opportunity to increase the value of your company by helping management assure business processes are effective and costly errors are avoided. Aventine Hill Partners internal audit advisory has a unique approach that focuses on the Return on Invested Capital for your audit activities. 

Our services

Our Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Advisors, consultants, and internal controls professionals are available to assist your internal audit function regardless of the size of your company.

  • We can design and implement internal audit processes and build a new internal audit function.
  • We can help you restructure your internal audit department to become a more effective asset to your company.
  • We can provide co-sourcing of internal audit, allowing you to avoid hiring permanent employees.

Do you need help getting through your busy season or need some specific expertise to help you get through a specific type of audit? Our internal controls professionals can assist your team on an interim basis. We can also help you fill employee vacancies with our Executive Search services. We are here to help your internal audit function be a valuable asset to your company.

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