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Technology Risk Management

As businesses become more dependent on technology, our services will make sure your important data is protected and preserved

Have you or an outside firm performed a review of items such as your IT infrastructure, applications, databases, and operating systems? Do you have to meet compliance standards, including Sarbanes Oxley, from a technology standpoint for things such as operations, security, change control, and development?

Now more than ever technology risk management is something that every company needs to consider regardless of the size of your business. Aventine Hill Partners is here to help you navigate the complex environment of technology risk through our risk consulting services.

Our services

Our C-level Advisors and consultants bring you proven processes for assessing IT risk, tailored and scaled to  your company and industry. We can assess which systems you are using compared to prevalent systems in similar environments and what risks are involved with those systems. We provide you with a list of areas for improvement and recommendations.  We can help you implement mitigation plans and compliance processes.

  • Are you pursuing large ERP or other technology projects? We can perform an independent project assessment to help you avoid or remediate cost and schedule overruns. We can also perform post-implementation value realization assessments.
  • Are you in a heavily regulated industry such as banking?  We can help assure you comply with Anti Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act standards.
  • Are you in an industry where you have to track certain transactions for suspicious activity or trigger reporting to regulatory agencies? We can assess and improve your current capability or help you define and implement the technology you need.
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