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  • Where did the Aventine Hill name come from?

    Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills on which Ancient Rome was built. In 264 BC, a shrine was built for Vertumnus, the Roman god of change, seasons, and growth. Our mission is to help people grow as they manage change within their companies and careers.

  • When was Aventine Hill Partners founded and what is the history of the company?

    Aventine Hill Partners was founded in 2009 by Beth Hair as a privately held, Texas-based professional services firm. Starting in Houston during the economic downturn demanded a fresh prospective in understanding our clients’ expectations and the value they look to receive from firms such as ours. We have utilized our culture of exceptional service, servant leadership, and care for our employees to build Aventine Hill into the company it is today.

    In 2010, we opened our San Antonio office and began growing rapidly across the state. In 2011, we founded our C-Level Advisory practice, which includes CFO, CIO, and Chief Audit Executive Services. In 2012, we acquired our largest competitor in San Antonio nearly doubling our size. By 2013, we had grown to nearly 100 employees and 150 clients and expanded into the Austin market.  We expanded into Dallas in 2014.

    Currently, Aventine Hill Partners continues to enjoy strong year-over-year growth. We look forward to continuing to grow geographically and developing new services while staying dedicated to our clients’ success.

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