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BI Dashboard QuickStart Project

Implementing a BI Dashboard quickly and cost effectively

Superior consulting services delivering successful business outcomes

An early stage private midstream company had a large capital budget but lacked an efficient process for tracking expenditures versus budget for decision-making and reporting to investors. Microsoft’s PowerBI tool was believed to be an appropriate tool and the company came to Aventine Hill Partners for help in developing real time interactive dashboards.

Our Services

The company’s need was a great fit for Aventine Hill’s BI QuickStart Methodology.

We provided a Business and Technology Practice Director to oversee the project and a Business Intelligence consultant with expertise in defining KPIs, data analysis/mapping, and implementing dashboards.

  • An initial scope was confirmed that focused on delivering an interactive dashboard using Microsoft PowerBI, reporting committed expenses and actual expenses real time for comparison to the budgets for individual capital projects.
  • The business requirements for specific KPIs were defined and the source systems were analyzed to define the calculations and technical approach for connecting to the data sources.
  • PowerBI was connected to the data sources and the quality of the data assessed so the dashboards could deal with any potential data exceptions.
  • The dashboards and reports were created in collaboration with the business users to ensure the final design would meet the different user stakeholders’ needs. The dashboards were thoroughly tested using actual data.
  • Our BI consultant trained company personnel on how to use PowerBI and the design of the dashboards so that internal employees could maintain the dashboards going forward.


Thanks to Aventine Hill’s BI consulting support, this company is able to manage spending on its large capital budget and did not have to make a large investment in BI technology to do so. A real time interactive dashboard was completed in just a few weeks using the commonly available PowerBI tool from Microsoft. The company’s management team sees opportunities for expanding the use of BI and the practical approach our consultants utilized can be extended by the company’s internal employees.

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