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Success Story - CFO Advisory Consulting

Improving and training on financial statement processes

Superior CFO Advisory services for successful accounting and finance solutions

Producing accurate financial statements can be a challenge for companies with limited or strained finance and accounting resources. A local masonry contractor was having difficulty producing financial reporting for both internal use and external use. Their bank referred them to Aventine Hill Partners for assistance.

Our Solution

Upon reviewing the situation, we found that the proper solution for this company was going to require more than the drafting of new reports and some process updates. Through our C-level Advisory services, we provided the company a CFO Advisor who trained existing employees on how to prepare financial statements and supporting work papers, educating them on best practices adapted to their situation. These changes were focused on re-establishing consistency and accuracy in preparing financial reporting required by the company's bank to monitor debt covenants.

While on site, our CFO Advisor also recognized other areas for improvement, most notably the lack of a financial forecast. This led to the creation of a 12-month rolling forecast that would improve the ability of the owner to run the business.


Aventine Hill Partners was able to help this company improve their financial reporting and planning capabilities. We improved both the tools and the performance of the staff to support continued growth. Bank reporting requirements were met and the owner could spend more time focused on the success of the business. Learn more about our Accounting and Finance capabilities.

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