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Success Story - CIO Services for ERP Roadmap

Defining an ERP roadmap to enable fast growth

Superior CIO Advisory services to drive successful IT outcomes

A fast growing manufacturer of oilfield products had outgrown its ERP system. Production planning was manual and had a very short time horizon. Inventory accuracy could not be maintained real-time. Senior leadership at the company were concerned that growth and profitability could not be sustained without new technology.

Our Solution

A CIO Advisor from Aventine Hill Partners was engaged to assess:

  • Where the company was headed strategically and tactically
  • What major gaps existed with their current ERP
  • What options would fit their business model and strategy.
The trade-offs between how much capability was required and how much investment fit their budget were analyzed. Our CIO Advisor facilitated Senior Leadership alignment on a decision to not upgrade the existing ERP but instead seek a new one.

Our CIO Advisor next led the ERP selection process.  Collaboration with subject matter experts who would be super-users for the new system resulted in a set of high-level requirements. These were taken to market with multiple vendors with a goal of not just identifying the best ERP functionality at optimal cost but which vendor would be the best partner from an industry, culture, and support perspective. It was important that risks be minimized so that fast growth could continue and a stronger relationship with the new vendor be established to avoid a repetition of prior challenges. Vendor proposals were analyzed and customer references were checked, including locating independent references from the CIO Advisor’s peer network. The Advisor then prepared an objective analysis that provided two viable options for Senior Leadership to choose from.

After the company selected a SaaS solution, the CIO Advisor and the company determined that a full time ERP Manager would be needed to lead the project and become the administrator for the solution. The CIO Advisor drafted a job description and Aventine Hill's Executive Search function was utilized to find candidates who would be a great skills and cultural fit.

After the ERP Manager was successfully onboarded, the CIO Advisor participated on the ERP Project Steering Team, offering advice on planning and execution best practices, and assisting in resolving complex issues.


Thanks to the support of Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO Advisory services, Senior Leadership for the company was confident in making an informed selection of a system that fully enables their operations and growth while meeting their cost goals. They made a successful hire for the ERP Manager role and ultimately had a successful go-live.  Learn more about our ERP Selection and Optimization capabilities.

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