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Success Story - Catching up Financial Reporting Packages

Providing quick and accurate accounting assistance

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In smaller accounting departments, certain tasks are sometimes not completed because resources are focused on ensuring that critical functions such as payroll, invoicing, bill payments, and collections are properly attended to. When a privately held manufacturing company found themselves behind on account reconciliations and financial reporting needed to generate audited financial statements, they turned to Aventine Hill Partners to help.

Our Solution

We provided the company with a versatile accounting and finance consultant who could take care of all of their needs quickly and accurately. First, our consultant identified that the most critical item to solve was several years of missing balance sheet account reconciliations. After going through financial data going back several years, our consultant reconciled all of the company’s balance sheet accounts up to the current period.

Our consultant then worked directly with the company’s external audit firm to address other smaller, but material issues that were preventing the generation of accurate financial statements. After all issues were cleared up, the financial statement package was assembled which the external auditor reviewed and certified.


Aventine Hill Partners helped clean up multiple accounting issues, generate accurate financial statements, and provide required information to the external auditor. An outcome that could have required assistance from multiple firms was completed quickly and cost effectively by one consultant. Learn more about our Accounting and Finance capabilities.

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