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Success Story - Fractional CIO Services

Stepping in to provide IT strategy and business support

Superior CIO Advisory Services to drive successful IT outcomes

Investors created a new company by purchasing small oilfield services companies in major production basins with a vision to create a more integrated set of services that could be optimized and grown organically and through further acquisitions. The company had a CFO and Controller but no IT personnel. An Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO Advisor was engaged to develop recommendations for an IT strategy to support the business strategy.

Our Solution

The CIO Advisor visited the company’s operations to see how similar and different the acquired businesses were and what software was currently used. Next, a roadmap was developed that focused on three priorities. First, define what was required to consolidate accounting for the acquired businesses to support the IPO and faster, more accurate reporting to manage the business. Second, describe what level of automation in the field would be most directly beneficial to optimizing the business and gain synergies. Third, areas for optional future investment were identified.

Using the priorities, the CIO Advisor developed high-level options for a new ERP platform with associated benefits, costs, and risks for each. The CEO and CFO of the company were then able to understand and weigh the trade-offs to map out an IT investment strategy that best fit with their goals and capital plan.


Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO Advisory services provided this company with an ERP roadmap that it could implement when ready. Having access to a highly experienced CIO on a part-time basis allowed this company to plan and budget like the larger company it will become while being cost effective for the smaller size it is now. Learn more about our ERP Selection and Optimization services.

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