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Success Story - ERP Implementation Support

Helping an ERP Project get back on track

Superior consulting services delivering successful business and technology outcomes

A large, publicly traded oilfield services company was implementing a new ERP system. The accounting and finance scope was behind schedule and the company sought additional consulting support to get the project back on track. They came to Aventine Hill Partners for help.

Our Solution

A CIO Advisor with deep expertise in ERP implementations and broad accounting knowledge was provided to initially assess the status of the project and recommend actions. Areas requiring significant course correction were the lack of a reporting solution and a cut-over plan that would result in excessive business disruption.

The CIO Advisor led the effort to select reporting software that would meet financial and management reporting needs while being consistent with IT standards and budget. Next, the Advisor led the effort to define detailed requirements for financial and operational reports and managed the creation of the reports. As the architect for the reporting solution, the Advisor personally performed testing of critical functionality and also trained users on how to create reports.

The Advisor actively participated in the redesign of the cut-over plan. Using experiences from numerous past projects, the draft plan that initially proposed over two weeks system downtime was reduced to an acceptable duration. The Advisor also defined metrics to assure the progress and quality of the cut-over could be monitored and adjustments made if exceptions were noted. The cut-over was successful.

During the burn-in period after go-live, master data and configuration errors were identified. The Advisor led efforts to analyze the problems and identify the root causes so appropriate solutions could be identified. The Advisor actively participated in verifying the design changes were on point and were implemented accurately.

The company asked the Advisor to remain on the project until they completed their first quarterly close. The close was successfully completed.


This company was experiencing material risks to its ability to operate and meet its accounting requirements due to their ERP project. With the assistance of a highly experienced CIO Advisor, critical problems were addressed both prior to go-live and during the burn-in period after go-live. The company was able to maintain operations and prepare its quarterly financial filings on schedule using the new ERP system.

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