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Success Story - Modeling New Growth Strategy

Advising on strategy and analyzing specific growth alternatives

Superior CFO Advisory services driving new opportunities for growth

A healthcare franchiser had experienced significant growth in the number of franchises, which made managing the business more complex and impacted costs. Senior management decided to investigate alternatives to make the franchises more efficient and profitable. They came to Aventine Hill Partners for assistance in evaluating options.


One of our CFO Advisors stepped in on a consulting basis to assess options available to this company. Senior management was considering more standardization and providing value-added services to the franchisees.

Our CFO Advisor analyzed the current revenue and cost structure, then developed models of how revenue and costs would change under different franchise models. Some scenarios were analyzed in detail, such as an option to create a turn-key franchise structure where the franchiser defined a standard office and financed or leased it to the franchisee.

The Advisor created a financial model that demonstrated the impacts on revenue, cost, and profitability under different pricing scenarios and reviewed the details with senior management and the Board. The model was revised on an iterative basis and legal & regulatory research was performed on the most promising scenarios. This allowed the company to understand what changes in the business environment they needed to influence to pursue the strategy. And, how they should position their resources to be be ready when the timing was right.


Thanks to the help of Aventine Hill Partners' CFO Advisory services, this healthcare organization now has a strategic roadmap that it can begin executing at the optimal time, gaining a "time-to-market" advantage on their competitors.

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