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Success Story - Non-Profit Interim Controller

Providing an Interim Controller to stabilize an ERP implementation

Interim and project professionals who can be trusted to get the job done

A non-profit organization with a total staff of approximately 500 had a vacancy in their Controller position. The organization had recently implemented a new ERP system to perform its grants and project accounting so it was critical that a talented individual step in quickly to maintain momentum and address burn-in issues. They came to Aventine Hill Partners for help.

Our Solution

We provided an Interim Controller from our consulting team who was very experienced in ERP implementations and creating the reporting that accounting departments need. Our consultant quickly stepped in to understand the organization and identify areas where the accounting team was struggling on the new system. Hands-on training and coaching was provided to help the staff become proficient on the new system.

A critical cross-functional issue existed in meeting the project reporting requirements of both operations personnel and the accounting department. Our consultant facilitated discussions of the gaps and defined improvements to procedures and reporting to address the deficiencies. Then, collaborated with IT to implement the reports in the ERP system.

These activities were occurring during year-end. Concurrently, the Interim Controller assured timely completion of financial statements plus interfaced with the external auditor to assure the audit was completed accurately and timely.


This non-profit organization was faced with issues that would have been challenging for an incumbent Controller. By coming to Aventine Hill Partners, this organization was able to address their vacancy on an interim basis and solve these challenges quickly. The organization subsequently converted the Interim Controller to their full-time employee.

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