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Success Story - Six Sigma Training Program

Building a Six Sigma capability to drive internal improvement

Superior consulting services delivering sustainable process improvement while developing internal talent

A financial institution growing both organically and through acquisition desired to build an internal process improvement capability to realize more synergies and economies of scale. Leadership selected Lean Six Sigma as the base methodology and needed assistance in implementing a training program and culture to achieve practical value.

Our Solution

We provided a consultant with a deep background in Lean Six Sigma, Adult Education strategies, and mentoring to work part-time/on-demand supporting the creation of their internal improvement capability. The consultant initially implemented a Green Belt training, testing, and certification program. This included tailoring content to the institution's target audience and hands-on delivery of the training.

More impactful for the trainees was that the consultant coached each new Green Belts through their first project that was directly relevant to the business function each worked in. Initial projects included topics such as:

  • Reducing fraud losses
  • Reducing defects in mortgage processing
  • Improving customer service for elderly customers
  • Improving the efficiency of state escheatment processes
  • Improving ACH processes to allow customers to access funds quicker
  • Improving written correspondence with customers while complying with new regulations
  • Automating research in situations where a customer believes their financial information may have been compromised.

The initial projects focused more on analyzing pain points in existing processes and implementing changes. The next step to realize the full value of Six Sigma was to gain the capability to design new processes with Six Sigma concepts built-in from the ground up.

Our consultant created a "Design for Six Sigma" program utilizing the DMADOV methodology (define, measure, analyze, design, optimize and verify). Employees with Green Belts are offered the opportunity to be trained and coached to gain Black Belt certification in process improvement. The institution is currently on target to have certified Black Belts and will achieve a self-sustaining internal capability.


With the help of Aventine Hill Partners, this financial institution realized both immediate benefits from applying Lean Six Sigma concepts and long-term benefits from creating an in-house capability to continuously improve its business processes. This was achieved cost effectively using part-time but hands-on, practical support from a Lean Six Sigma expert adept in employee development. It enhanced the institution's culture by demonstrating a commitment to grow the skills of their existing employees. Learn more about our Process Improvement capabilities.

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