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Success Story - CFO Services to Manage Growth

Providing experienced financial leadership

Superior CFO Advisory Services for successful accounting and finance solutions

A privately held technology company was experiencing rapid growth. It was in need of experienced financial leadership to help manage existing growth and prepare for new opportunities. Aventine Hill Partners and our CFO Advisory services were the optimal choice to provide this company the comprehensive solution it needed.

Our Solution

Our CFO Advisor came in as interim financial leadership to facilitate a variety of improvements. As the company was growing and transactions became greater in number and more complex, the existing accounting and finance staff was not able to keep up. We noticed that the cause of this issue was not related to process, it was related to the level of experience and training of the staff. Our advisor identified the areas where the accounting and finance staff needed training then conducted that training, preparing them for the more complex tasks they would face.

With accounting and finance staff adequately trained and up to the task of handling company growth, we turned our attention to predicting and facilitating continued growth.

  • We built from scratch accurate financial models that the company could use to forecast future growth and generate accurate financial statements.
  • Our CFO Advisor made a key introduction to a firm that could arrange future debt and equity funding.


With help and leadership from Aventine Hill Partners, this company successfully navigated some common pitfalls that growing companies experience.

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